GSM Alarm Center

The Bsafe alarm center guarantees the security of your family, home and office. Easy to configure and install. The Bsafe alarm center can be monitored in real time via tablet or phone.

Product Type - Comfort Series - REF.510100


For your security needs, the alarm kit features a set of compatible devices to increase efficiency and performance.

Accessories include; movement sensors, flood, gas and fire alarms, Electronic keys. These and others can be purchased at our online store.



Central Security Services

If you need to be absent for a long period of time or if you want to hire 24-hour security professionals, you can engage their services via the online platform on a monthly basis, making this one of our most popular Bclose services.

Alerts and Control


Solutions that provide effective control and monitoring in real time through My Bclose platform.



This Kit include:

1 x Alarm - Control Panel

1 x Wireless sensor for door or window

1 x Wireless motion detector

2 x Remote controller for central control

2 x RFID identification key ring