We want to participate and assist in a national effort


We will be opening our BHEALTH health sub-platform, in order to assist the Portuguese community with the ability to self-monitor changes in their biological parameters namely: Fever, oximetry (in the blood), and many others.

We intend to provide our solution to assist with remote support and Tele assistance to suspected cases or outpatient cases of CoronaVirus Covid-19, free of charge and indefinitely, thereby anticipating the potential number of cases and maximizing the anticipated recovery curve of patients.

This platform will in addition be able to assist health professionals who will be able to remotely monitor and directly inform potential patients who are under observation, via Tele assistance, thereby mitigating the risk of further contamination among all, including the health professionals.

We challenge YOU

In order to accelerate the availability of this service, we are currently looking for professionals who can volunteer their time, within their own flexibility, to develop this new software competence in these areas and from your own home in a 100% collaborative Web environment.

  • Nurse or doctor
  • Psychologist
  • Mobile/ Backend and Frontend developers
  • Marketer, Designer or UI / UX Specialist
  • Influencer or Communication Specialist/Strategist 
  • Translator (English, Spanish or French)
  • You as a supporter or as a non-profit organisations/foundations, as well as corporate organisations, all with the capacity of financial support for this cause.

Please send us an email with your contact details. Together we will adapt and promote the Bclose @ platform to serve freely and simplify the urgent and current needs in this fight against COVID-19.

What we offer volunteers

We call on everyone’s voluntary and civic effort at this stage when our country is in great need, the future team will be mentioned during the project on a specific follow-up website for the COVID-19 project, as well as on all appropriate digital channels and in the media channels that will in the future decide to support this cause.

In the case of securing financial subsidies directly attributable to this project, we will share a part amongst all those involved, from the present relationship, and potentially the future mutual interest of a possible collaboration.

I want to join, now what?

Please send an email to covid19@bclose.pt . We will respond within 48 hours with the details of how to partner with us.

Many thanks in advance. Let’s ALL make our contribution.