Video Surveillance System

A plug and play GSM camera with integrated infrared sensor. Simple to operate with remote video and audio transmission.

You can view your home or office in real time via computer, tablet or smartphone, and receive information by SMS, MMS and / or voice calls whenever movement is detected.

A panic button and the ability to record images on the Bclose servers further enhance the security capabilities.

Ideal for your home, business and vehicles.

Alarm feature

View events on your camera and activate the integrated alarm feature without the need to connect to a central system.

The alarm feature allows you to have a real time reaction to intrusive events.


Real Time Video

Follow all the moves at your home or in the office in real time and in a very simple way.  

Connects with My Bclose plataform and control your security and your family using your pc, tablet or mobile.  


Receive alerts and notifications by SMS in case of an unusual event.Set and control your security parameters.

Prevent situations like floods, intrusion, gas leakage or even your pets running away.

Easy Installation

No need to incur additional installation costs.

To install your camera follow the instructions in the manual.

Composition of the Kit: 

1X GSM Camera with Night Vision

1x Charger 220Volt AC

1x GSM phone Card