Strobe Light Kit

The strobe light kit while not providing a direct connection to central alarm provides extremely interesting advantages as it allows very easily plug into and shoot for intrusion and through sound and light. In addition to this, the multiple accessories, such as keys opening / closing the doors and windows, remote controls and infrared sensors in the same radio frequency also guarantee effective protection.

Product Type - Comfort Series - REF.510300


Easy installation using power plug

Detection by shooting sound and light

Modular accessories

Not communicating with the control alarm system 

Modular Accessories

For any increased need, the kit offers a set of compatible devices to complement and better efficacy.

And for being a versatile and modular product does not need to make investments at once.

Intrusion sensors, alarms, flood, fire and gas, extra sirens, electronic keys, among others are the products that you can purchase at the online store tailored to your interest.


Real Time Control

Connects with My Bclose plataform, control your device using your pc, tablet or mobile.


Composition of the kit:

1x Unit Alarm - Control Panel

1x Detector Wireless door or window

x1 Motion detector wireless

x2 Remote Wireless Controller for central control

x2 Unit for rapid identification RFID in a "keyring"