Smartwatch Kids GPS 

The Bclose Smartwatch Kids is the clock that all children will want to use. Never was so funny to have a watch and talk with friends from there. It is very easy to operate, available in pink or blue and also advantages for parents.

Among its features we highlight your panic button, built a GSM card that allows you to call or send SMS and a locator in real-time using GPS.

The ideal solution to reconcile happiness, utility and safety.


SOS Panic Button 

In an emergency, is the way to school, the movies or just at home, children can trigger the SOS button to minimize the risk of danger or insecurity. Your child will feel more secure and you too.

Integrated phone - GSM

This clock is also a GSM phone. Children will be able to use it to talk and chat with your friends, in a very fun and different from what is usual.

GPS and LBS Location

   Identify and control the movements of children, they are everywhere and in real-time. Locate the child very easily through our platform My Bclose.  

Real-Time location or previous courses

Location in real-time route and a track record of journeys made by the child.

Geofence Definition 

Set your area of preference as "School" or "House" and be alerted if something unusual happens from your smartphone or tablet.

Parental Control 

Always be informed of the movements and paths of your child. Reduce your worries and ensure your child's safety.