Outdoor Strobe Siren 

This outdoor siren format is economic and efficient solution for detection to intrusion of any foreign individual.

The siren is per-itself the central unit which can add a wide range of accessories such as remote controls, door and window contacts, sensors, infra-red, Flood or gas leakage among others.

It is ideal for small apartments or commerce system.

Product Type - Comfort Series - REF.510407


Simple and appealing design

Easy installation

Which is also a siren alarm


Modular Accessories

For any increased need, the kit offers a set of compatible devices to complement and better efficacy.

And for being a versatile and modular product does not need to make investments at once.

Intrusion sensors, alarms, flood, fire and gas, extra sirens, electronic keys, among others are the products that you can purchase at the online store tailored to your interest.

Composition of the kit:

x1 Outdoor Siren

x1 Detector Wireless door or window

x1 Motion detector wireless

x2 Remote Wireless Controller for central control