Automotive services

Keeping one step ahead in a world of constants would be easy.  But this is not the case. And certainly not for the automotive industry. The only constant here is that things are always changing. Manufacturing processes, environmental and safety standards, and of course, Customers. Customers are more knowledgeable than ever, and expect increasingly more for their money. 





Our name, Allianz Global Assistance, may be new but our experience helping people and offering travel insurance solutions is anything but! In fact we've been around since the 1950s. Our historic line of business is still growing today and accounts for almost half of our Group turnover.




Health & Lifecare

We care about your Health. And your Life.
A few years ago, we launched Health and Lifecare Assistance, our 3rd business line. It has grown ever since its creation. Healthcare Assistance focuses specifically on your health. It offers more specialised services that provide information, comfort, support and coordination. Lifecare Assistance focuses on your daily well-being - meeting your personal needs at home or work.



Property & Other

Getting personal: Your property is our concern.
Property “breakdown”. You all know what this means – a broken water pipe, a faulty electrical system, a branch that falls and damages the roof. Some of you may have even experienced natural catastrophes. Whatever your business, whoever your customers, we’re here to help you help them if adversity strikes.