Fleet Management GPS 

With the solution of Bsafe fleet management will be possible to locate the vehicle of your company or your personal vehicle in real-time distance and at any time through the Mybclose platform, with the possibility of multi-access using your mobile phone. Control your car or fleet simply, protect yourself against theft and always feel safe. System with Geofence and eco-drive, where you can manage your data for their personal use or fleet management.


Real-time location

The GPS system of Bsafe are able to locate their fleet in real-time and accessible at any time and remotely from a distance.

Identification of driver for RFID

Always know when the driver gets out and enters the car just sensing any problems like holes, accidents and other aspects considered unusual but not easily identifiable.

Green Driver

Identify behaviors such as aggressive driving cornering and braking. Be alerted in case of overspeed.

Installation of GPS via Bclose agent

Optionally, you can install your GPS with the help of an agent Bclose so effortlessly can immediately take advantage of the benefits inherent in the solution.



Automatic control costs – Professional Services (Optionally)

Optionally for companies control cost are imperative rigorous, through subscription of Professional services Bclose will hold control of expenses associated with the vehicle including the monthly rental, Via Verde, Galp Frota among others, through the importation and subsequent comparison of electronic invoices with the same km's produced and respective local collection or passage.

Avoid fines or illegalities being notified of paydays insurance or UIC, automatically everything for your convenience.

Real Time Control

Connects with My Bclose plataform, control your device using your pc, tablet or mobile.