Doctor Clock 

The Clock Doctor is the ideal watch for your elderly family and believes that can be more rested. This watch allows your family control your heart rate and to access your personal electrocardiogram and with access to a record.

In urgent cases, you can activate the panic button built. All this remotely.

The ideal way to combine safety, health, well-being and tranquility solution.


SOS Panic Button

In an emergency, it is the garden path, or just coffee house, your family can trigger the SOS button to minimize the risk of danger or insecurity. Your family will feel more secure and so are you.

 GSM Phone Integrated 

Thanks to this clock is also a GSM phone. Your family can use it to talk and talk, rather easily.

Access to Cardiac Data

Access to cardiac rhythms and staff electrocardiogram. Ability to control the pace depending walks incurred.

Pedometer and Historical Information

With the Doctor Clock will be possible to calculate the steps performed in each walk, and view history associated with each of the circuits.

Geofence Definition

Set your area of preference as "Garden" or "House" and be alerted if something unusual happens from your smartphone or tablet.

Integrated GPS

Through the GPS can track all routes owner of the watch in real-time.