Wifi Camera 

Ideal for domestic applications our for small business, this portable camera with easy wifi installation, offers view images remotely and in real time. 

Your screen infrared emitters assists viewing images even in local minimum brightness,as well as the built-in microphone of the hearing. 

If you add a memory card the camera can locally store all detected events for later viewing via Bclose platform.

The applications are varied, visualize your newborn in each different mobile phones in your home while he/she sleeps, to be notified if someone enter in hotel room or in rented house in your absence or even be notified if an intrusion in the holiday home or small business occur. 


Motion Detection

Through intelligent analysis of the frame through the video camera detects any change of movement on site and immediately sends an alert to the Bclose central, following the notification to the client that can instantly access the image that originated the event.

Visibility in the dark

A screen of infrared emitters ensure the transmission of images with minimal light between 10m to 15m of distance so you never miss a moment of your tranquility.


The user doesn't need to constantly look at your space while you are away. The portal is ready when detect any anomaly to notify you via SMS, email or even MMS according to your choice in the portal. 


Real Time Control

Connects with My Bclose plataform, control your device using your pc, tablet or mobile.

Composition of the Kit: 

1x Wifi Camera

1x 220volt charge

1x Tcp/Ip cable 

1x Installation Manual summarized