Network Alarm Kit 

The Network alarm kit with display is the ideal solution for an efficient security to your home, office and family. This alarm has a dual network functionality via GSM or landline, allowing further enhance its security of its space to its. To complement this important feature, the alarm features a silent alarm and your display screen allows you to access the device settings. All this, controllable in real-time and remotely via your mobile phone or tablet.

Product Type - Comfort Series - REF.510101

Dual Network

The dual network offered by this alarm, which makes up the GSM and fixed network guarantees you a double protection for your site.

This functionality is operable and controllable remotely via the My Bclose  and using your computer, tablet or mobile.

SOS – Silence Alarm

The alarm display and dual network has a very useful feature and to feel more secure and more easily identify a possible situation of theft, the silent alarm will help you.

If you are in the presence of the intruder entering a duress code, turn off the center but at the same time silently communicate your emergency without being aware that the intruder.

Optionally you can subscribe to a central station alarm service 24H for your safety and peace of mind.

Notification and Simplified Control

Detects the latest 150 notifications and incidents, as well as enabling the call to 6 phone numbers and 10 seconds of pre-defined voice for themselves and used for warning message.

You can also use the voice recording system, which will be useful for messages and notifications that wishes to communicate.

Modular Accessories

For any increased need, the alarm kit with display offers a set of compatible devices to complement and better efficacy.

And for being a versatile and modular product does not need to make investments at once.

Intrusion sensors, alarms, flood, fire and gas, extra sirens, electronic keys, among others are the products that you can purchase at the online store customized to your interest.

Real Time Control

Connects with My Bclose plataform, control your device using your pc, tablet or mobile.


Composition of the kit:

x1 Unit 1 Alarm - Control Panel

x1 Detector Wireless door or window

x1 Motion detector wireless

x2 Remote Wireless Controller for central control

x2 Unit for rapid identification RFID in a "keyring"