Bsafe solutions 

Bsafe solutions aggregate a range of safety features, remote home or office control including intrusion and control of perils (fires, gas leaks, floods), remote video surveillance systems, access control and time registration, GPS tracking systems for people, pets and vehicles all operating in a seamless easy to use way.
The Bsafe devices are delivered already semi-configured, easy to install and ready to activate. 



Access control and door monitoring

  Intrusion Control and perils

Alerts / Notifications

 Remote Video Surveillance




Option to connect to 24 Hour security professionals

Configure and schedule system actions

 Location of people, pets and vehicles via GPS

 Easy to install


GSM Alarm Center 

A wireless Central alarm controlled remotely via phone or tablet.Includes GSM card. Also a range of 30 accessories to complement this solution.


GSM Video Camera Surveillance

Receive images and alerts on your phone or tablet via this color camera with recording and video transmission even in the dark. Activate wireless intrusion or fire sensors to fully protect your home or office in your absence.


Fingerprint Access Control System

An electronic fingerprint employee access system with a capacity for 1000 employees. Fingerprint access control prevents fraud. Real time data transmission and management reporting features for easy access monitoring. This device also includes the option for electronic lock control.

Wifi Camera 

The wireless camera allows you to view real-time color images remotely. The infrared camera can capture images even in the dark. With video motion detection receive an alert with an image whenever there is an intrusion.

Dual Network Alarm Kit 

This solution adds a set of essential features for your protection. Composed of modular accessories, has a mechanism of dual network, GSM or fixed network and a display screen that will help you set your alarm.

Strobe Light Siren Kit

Connect this alarm siren to the power plug very easily and be prepared for any intrusion. Remotely access / exit through his command and use the best accessories available in this kit.

Outdoor Strobe Siren

Ideal for small offices or trading system. Ready to use and firing in case of intrusion. Does not have access to the central but it is also composed of a set of accessories.

Wireline Alarm Kit

Connect and effectively turn off your alarm and set six numbers you want in shooting case. Because it is an alarm fixed network does not have access to the control panel but its accessories guarantee your peace of mind.

Fleet Management GPS

Control your fleet in the distance and a simple and effective way, through the location in real-time, the driver identification via RFID. If you protect yourself against possible robberies and be informed if the car is not in motion. 

Baby Monitor 

Camera that allows constant monitoring of your baby, remotely and in real-time. Listen to your baby communicate with him and be notified if they occur outside of the normal sounds. Through My Bclose can access various users, including of course the father.

Lost Chip

Através de uma aplicação no seu tablet ou telemóvel, seja notificado sempre que o chip anti-perda se afaste por uma distância por si definida.

Modular Acessories 

View the range of modular accessories Bsafe such as panic button, smoke detector, remote control, motion detector or keychain.