medidor_wifi_ukWifi Blood Pressure Monitor 

This monitor allows you to gather real time blood pressure data and access it via the My Bclose platform.

Reduce the risk of diseases such as hypertension and monitor your heart rate. With the Bhealth monitor you can access your blood pressure data on a regular basis and keep track of your health.


Take readings wherever you want

The device is easy to carry and enables you to take readings wherever you are and transmit via a Wifi hotspot or connected to your phone.

Transmit the biomedical information from the My Bclose portal to your doctor.

Alerts and notifications

Whenever your readings are outside of the set parameters, the system will issue an alert to the subscriber.

A monitoring device for the whole family

 Purchase a Bhealth monitor and share it with your family. 

Use the portal to download and share your data in an easy and confidential manner. 

Closer to your Doctor

 You can schedule the system to transmit your data to your doctor automatically and confidentially.

Composition of the Kit:

Wifi Blood Pressure monitor