Cellphone with GPS Locator

This simple and robust unit is a mobile phone that incorporates a GPS locator.

Unique features to help you track your family in case of emergency even when you are away.

Keep track of the elderly or children, disabled people or those requiring medical care, professionals in high-risk jobs or extreme sportsmen, amongst others.

A panic button when pressed will notify you immediately.The 4 buttons enable dialing of pre-set telephone numbers.

REF. 200403

Call Control Input and Output

This solution already includes a GSM card with a phone number to enable the user to make and receive calls.

Limit outgoing calls to a pre-set list of 4 numbers.

You can also preset up to 10 numbers for incoming calls thereby preventing unauthorized contact and ensuring the safety of the user.

A Handful of possibilities

Detect falls via a motion sensor. 

Panic button for emergency help requests.

Hands free communication – useful when the user becomes immobile. 

Remote control via SMS. 

GPS for location tracking and logging.

Talk for as long as you want and when you want with your network.


The system can proactively notify the caregiver when necessary or in an emergency.

Setting alarm zones (geo-fencing) for when your family leave or enter a particular area such as a school or home, receive an SMS alert.

Whenever the battery level is critical the carrier will be notified.

Be notified if you exceed the speed limit.



Professionals always with you

Schedule medication alerts on the health portal.

Benefit from professional intervention in case of medical emergency.

This system also benefits people in remote locations providing a means to request assistance from the immediate user community.



Real Time Control

Connects with My Bclose plataform, control your device using your pc, tablet or mobile.




Bhealth Kit:

1x Equipment with Lithium Battery

1x GSM card

1x 220V AC Charger

1x Mini Key