Bhealth Solutions 

The Bhealth solution has a range of devices that will enable you to monitor health metrics leading to a healthier lifestyle. Bhealth devices can analyze in real-time your personal medical indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index and blood glucose.

With this information you can take preventative actions to improve your health and share it with your Doctor with just one click. Prevention is health!

With Bhealth you can also monitor at distance your elderly relative with a GPS device.In case of need or emergency your elderly relative can activate the panic button and communicate their location.

Ensuring well being and comfort to you and your family, use the Bsafe GPS device for their safety, by for example monitoring the day-to-day activities of your child giving peace of mind at home or on vacation.

Like any Bclose solution, the Bhealth range is multi-user and can be operated seamlessly via your computer, tablet or smartphone using the My Bclose platform.



  Continuous monitoring of your family and relatives via GPS tracking

 Remote control and real-time medical and biomedical data

 Send alerts in case of need or unusual health indicators

 Detection of falls with immediate notification




 Make or receive calls from preset numbers at no extra cost

  Take informed actions to improve your health

Adopt healthy behaviors and avoid risks  

Cellphone with GPS Locator

This small and robust unit with GPS is ideal for the elderly, children or sick as well as professionals in high-risk jobs or radical sportsmen. The GSM card and 4 buttons allow you to call 4 preset number. There is also a panic button for emergency help requests. The cellphone also includes a GPS locator for precise location tracking.

Bluetooth Monitor 

This battery powered device monitors and records of blood pressure data in real time and sends  the data to your Bclose portal.

Wifi Blood Pressure Monitor 

This monitor allows you to gather real time blood pressure data and access it via the My Bclose platform.


Doctor Clock 

This innovative watch includes GPS, Pedometer, Meter heart rate in real time and many other functions.

The solution set for the elderly.

Smartwatch Kids with GPS 

Available in two colors for both sexes, this innovative timepiece includes phone card for calls between children and caregivers.

GPS module and included panic button allow notification and location in an emergency.

Baby Thermometer Bluetooth 

Know and care you baby's fever anytime and anywhere with smart technologies. Be notified in your phone or tablet when the fever of your baby is high. Sleep rested without worrying.

GPS Medal Locator

The GPS Medal is an easy tracking device . It was especially design to keep your loved ones safe and in addition, it can also be used on pets , objects or cars, Pairing with your smartphone takes a few seconds .