What is it?

Bclose is a digital platform that integrates simple and intuitive devices for safety, health, wellness and energy management onto a single platform.

Bclose is an easy to use digital platform that aggregates security, wellness and energy management devices onto a single user interface.

Improve your quality of life with the solutions that we offer.

Learn about our solutions BsafeBenergy and Bhealth.

How it works?

Bclose products work easily and intuitively. We provide a range of physical devices linked together on the Bclose portal. Control and monitor remotely and in real-time any of our devices from your computer, phone or tablet.

With Bclose you can control your security, identify and set alerts and notifications, monitor your energy consumption, monitor your elderly family at a distance and measure certain biomedical indicators including blood pressure, weight and body temperature.

Bclose products are designed to be very simple to install and operate. Bclose also provides access to a range of professional partners in various market sectors such as 24Hours security, Health professionals, and energy efficiency consultants.

How to benefit?

To access Bclose features start by ordering one of our solutions via the online store. After purchase and receiving your order, you must access My Bclose and register in the personal area. After completion of the registration process you will have full control of your installed solution. With the Bclose user interface you will benefit from all updates at no additional cost.