The Wifi Camera which is always near your baby.

The Wifi Camera Bclose appears to match the constant needs that all mothers aspire daily. This solution allows you to enjoy sometime to yourself and your guaranteed your safety and your baby, if I feel as though always with him. Like any Bclose solution, this baby monitor is the ideal solution to reconcile time with safety and well-being. Take part in a new concept, Bclose life.

Through the portal My Bclose track movements, sights and sounds of your baby, at a distance and in real-time.


Motion Detection

Follow the movements of your baby with the help of intelligent Bclose camera system. Is notified and is always in control of the situation or any movement that may arise from your baby.


Night Vision

You do not need to leave the light on for still view real-time images of your baby. The baby monitor Bclose transmits images with minimal light and ensures follow-up of your child, even at low visibility.

Interconnection Over Wirelless

Control and is always close to his son with just one click through the portal My Bclose and its interconnection with the Wireless system that the camera offers. Up to 4 simultaneous users.

Bidirectional Sound Transmission

Do not miss any sound that can be identified in your child's room and be notified if any unusual sounds such as voice lifting or cry. Stay rested and feel so peaceful as if you were next to your baby.


At the time of falling asleep, you can also make the camera to play lullabies, whose time and volume can also be controlled remotely from your smartphone or tablet through the portal My Bclose.